[ about us ]

Our Story

We are Sweet Beans Coffee rooting from many years of experience in speciality coffee roasting and brewing. Our roots are long enough to reach south of Russia – Black See coast. Where we pioneered speciality and microlots coffee sourcing and roasting back then. Since 2005. (OMG! We are so old but not rusty!)  Nowadays, we are proudly roasting great coffee in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are managing two locations in the city center – Obchodna, 37b(roastery x brew-bar) and Heydukova, 12 (espresso x brew-bar)

Our Philosophy

Sweet – is a very much desirable descriptor when it comes to coffee evaluation by professional cuppers. That’s why we were very excited to use this word in our name to identify ourselves as being “sweet beans coffee hunters” Hopefully you can feel it too in your cup.

Transparency – is a very much desirable thing when it comes to business evaluation. We don’t publish reports, but we talk about prices, farmers lives, harvest taste and many aspects of our approach to business with coffee on our weekly Public Cuppings. Ne secrets kept.

We also believe that when a coffee person knows more about great coffee it is harder to be fooled or misguided by transnational crooks or your old school neighbor with charcoal marks on his hands.

We also believe that truth is out there but we believe more in hard work, passion and technology. We would love to succeed in winning hearts of our local community members and when we are set, we can start thinking about conquering the rest of the Universe.

The last but not least – the Taste. We are very much focused on coffee roasting and sourcing. We constantly searching our own way and approach to every coffee we roast&source. More you learn less you know is a nice life principle.