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Our Story

We are Sweet Beans Coffee rooting from many years of experience in speciality coffee roasting and brewing. Our roots are long enough to reach south of Russia – Black See coast. Where we pioneered speciality and microlots coffee sourcing and roasting back then. Since 2005. (OMG! We are so old but not rusty!)  Nowadays, we are proudly roasting great coffee every Monday and Wednesday in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are managing two locations in the city center – Obchodna, 37b(roastery x brew-bar) and Heydukova, 12 (espresso x brew-bar)

Our Philosophy

Sweet – is a very much desirable descriptor when it comes to coffee evaluation by professional cuppers. That’s why we were very excited to use this word in our name to identify ourselves as being “sweet beans coffee hunters” Hopefully you would feel it in your cup from the very first and last sip.

Transparency – is a very much desirable thing when it comes to business evaluation. We don’t publish reports, but we talk about prices, farmer’s life, harvest taste and many aspects of our approach to business with coffee on our weekly Public Cuppings. Ne secrets kept.

We also believe that when an average person knows more about great coffee it is harder to be fooled or misguided by whoever.

We also believe that truth is out there but we believe more in hard work, passion and technology. We would love to succeed in winning hearts of our local community members and when we are set, we can start thinking about conquering the rest of the Universe.

The last but not least – the Taste. We are very much focused on coffee roasting and sourcing. We constantly searching our own way and approach to every coffee we roast&source. More you learn less you know is a nice life principle.


Náš príbeh

Sme slovenská pražiareň výberovej kávy Sweet Beans Coffee. Pôsobíme v Bratislave, kde sa popri pražení venujeme naším dvom prevádzkam. V centre mesta máme kaviareň spolu s pražiarňou a neďaleko máme menší espressobar. Na Slovensku pôsobíme od roku 2017, ale vo svete výberovej kávy sa pohybujeme už dlhšiu dobu.

Od 2013 máme pražiareň v ruskom meste Krasnodar, kde sme začínali s pražením. Na Slovensko sme chceli ľudom ukázať, že svetlo pražená káva nemusí byt iba kyslá, ale že vďaka svetlejšiemu praženiu dokážu nájsť v káve viac chutí. S ľudmi sme v priamom kontakte u nás v kaviarni, kde si radi vypočujeme ich postrehy, a taktiež pravidelne robíme cuppingy pre verejnosť, kde spolu vyberáme kávy.

Aby sme ľudom priblížili našu kávu radi prídeme aj na cupping do kaviarni, kde sa môžme priamo stretnuť so zákazníkmi a majiteľmi. Ak by ste radi ochutnali našu kávu, neváhajte nás kontaktovať na mail sb@sweetbeans.coffee , alebo na čísle 0944193484 (WhatsApp), pripadne nám napíšte na FB: https://www.facebook.com/sweetbeanscoffee/ alebo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sweetbeans.coffee/, radi vám pošleme vzorky na ochutnanie.

Michal Brat
Michal Brat
12:50 22 Jan 20
Really good place to grab a quick quality coffee
Ben Rains
Ben Rains
08:10 01 Aug 19
Coffee par excellence! And the best pastries. Topped-off with friendly, efficient service. A go-to coffee shop!
Pavol Černý
Pavol Černý
09:05 28 Jan 19
Tasty flat white, cozy café and working wifi 🙂
Patricia Iacob
Patricia Iacob
09:32 03 Aug 18
I had the best and strongest matcha tea here, the staff was very helpful and accommodating. A great experience.... Recommended.read more
Boris Abraham
Boris Abraham
12:04 04 Jul 18
Small but great 😉 great coffe and great barist. Really, my wife and i we enjoy it everytime if we have time to visit... it. Also place where we can met nice people and have a small talk with them.read more
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