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Panama Drima Zede Ninety Plus | anaerobic


Unique Series

Hot Anaerobic Natural Process

SCA 90,75

fig | dark chocolate | clove

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Panama Drima Zede Ninety Plus | hot anaerobic natural

Ninety Plus created the first highly-controlled, special natural process coffees in Ethiopia beginning in 2006, with the objective of creating and repeating the production of new taste profiles. 12 years later, we are still experimenting and pushing at the leading edge of coffee taste discovery. Over the years, we have re-engineered our coffee farming model to mimic naturally occurring wild-coffee from Ethiopia, where it grows inside of forests. Our 182-hectare farm in Panama (NPGE) has become the world’s leading example of reforestation of land with coffee and of a transformation of the culture of coffee farming, one in which all workers passionate about #TasteHumanityEcology.

Ninety Plus Gesha Estates was acquired by Ninety Plus CEO & Founder, Joseph Brodsky, in 2009. It was a cattle farm and now its a thriving ecosystem supported by forest canopy and wildlife, which is returning back to add even more complexity to our land. By carefully respect the ecosystem, we have created the best environment for our coffees to thrive. N.P.G.E. has rich, volcanic soil, resulting from the most recent eruption of the nearby Baru Volcano 400-500 years ago. This recent eruption created very rich soils. Please watch our film “Understory” on the following link, to get more information but also feel through video how is to walk around this beautiful land

Ninety Plus incorporates many signature, proprietary processing methods developed over many years working in Panama and Ethiopia with experimental fermentation and drying formulae. Coffee fermentation can be intentionally non-uniform, creating complex layers of flavor (and color of raw and roasted coffee).

  • Region: Piedra Candela, Volcan Baru, Republic of Panama
  • Producer: Joseph Brodsky
  • Altitude: 1500 masl.
  • Preparation: hot anaerobic natural | Drima Zede was first developed by Ninety Plus in Ethiopia in 2013 in a successful effort to improve the flavor of common coffee varieties through deeper fermentation. This processing formula is now applied to the caturra variety in Panama to create a rich and voluptuous cup, reminiscent of great Shiraz wine. Drima Zede is processed by Ninety Plus’ proprietary with a “hot fermentation” method that is designed to intensify sweetness.
  • Variety: Caturra | Caturra coffee varietal was developed by the Alcides Carvalho Coffee Center of the IAC, Instituto Agronomico of the Sao Paulo State in Brazil.
    In 1937, IAC received seed samples of genetic material originated on the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. The samples came from Red Caturra and yellow Caturra cultivars. These two cultivars originated by natural mutation of Bourbon Red, originally a tall coffee shrub, found in the Serra do Caparaó , which is now a mountainous National Park north east of the city of Rio de Janeiro.
    This is the first naturally occurred coffee mutation found, with small size and high yield capacity. Red and Yellow Caturra are characterised by the cherries sitting close to each other on the coffee shrub. These varietals have excellent cup quality, because they are very close genetically to the Bourbon varietal.
  • Crop: 01/01/2020
  • SCA: 90,75
  • Descriptors: fig | dark chocolate | clove | clementine

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