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Brazil Manga Larga | anaerobic


Brazil Manga Larga | anaerobic

Sweet forest berries with juicy acidity, caramel and a heavy dark chocolate body

  • Producer: Flavio “Fava” Reis |Today, the farm is run by José Carlos Reis and his son Flávio (Fafa) Reis, both son and grandson of Mr. Aneite. The farm for diversification also has many cows for dairy and meat production. The mission of the farm is to responsibly produce coffee of the highest possible quality without neglecting the importance of protecting the environment and the caring for the well-being of its employees. 
  • Altitude: 1000 masl.
  • Crop: 2019/2020 
  • Preparation: 48h anaerobic fermentation |This Yellow Boubon Lot was mechanically picked and the the Boia (slightly overipe) cherries were separated by mechanical sorters that separate the quality and density of coffees. The coffee was then placed in sealed barrels for 48 hours to ferment.After this the coffee was then put into the static drying boxes. These are 1 m deep boxes with capacity for 15000 litre volume of cherry which equates to 25-30 bags of green coffee. The boxes have a vented grill at the bottom to allow for air to be circulated from below up through the drying coffee. Initially cold air will be blown for 12 hours to help slow the fermentation process and then gradually the air temperature will be increased to allow drying for between 7 – 10 days. There are two thermometers at different depths to ensure a safe temperature always below 40c. They are referred to as static due to the coffee remaining still in the boxes and not being turned or rotated during drying. This lot took a total of 15 days to dry in the static box.After it is dried the coffee is then left to rest for approximately 1- 2 weeks before being milled. This method has allowed the production of more fruity and prominent profiles from the usual profile we associate with Brazil natural coffee.

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