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Colombia La Rosa | natural

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Colombia La Rosa | natural

Juicy plum, cherry. black pepper with vanilla notes and a dark chocolate cream body

  • Region: HISPANIA, ANTIOQUIA | La Rosa is a medium sized 20 ha farm located in Hispania with all the farm nearly being planted with coffee mainly and the varieties caturra and castillo. The annual production the farm is about 350 bags. The farm has been in the Vasquez family since the 70’s when Catalin’a father bought it and now it is part of the Cafe Lumbus family who are dreiving specialty coffee in this part of Antioquia for the past 5 years.
  • Producer: VASQUEZ FAMILY |Juan Gabriel is the manager of the farm and with the technical team they had bee working on how to produce a really good washed coffee but they were unable to find the right recipe due to the limits of altitude. However being at a lower elevation did provide a more stable climate which led them to experiment with producing a natural. The experiments went well and they are now doing this on a larger scale for the first time.
  • Altitude: 1400 masl.
  • Crop: 2019/2020 
  • Preparation: natural |This coffee firstly goes through selective picking, washing and floating before then being skin dried on the patios. After this weather depending the coffee will be dried inbetween the patios and driers at stable controlled temperatures until it reaches 10-11% moisture.


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