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Java Indonesia | anaerobic maceration


Java Indonesia | 48h anaerobic maceration natural

Pineapple and papaya, plum, rum with a sweet brown sugar body and creamy finish

  • Producer: HENDRA |This washing station and farm belonging to Hendra and his family is an island of specialty experimental processed coffee in a sea of conventional wet hulled coffee the area is typically known for. Hendra’s father, Hamdan moved to the area in 2006 from Banda Aceh and then bought some land in the sub district of Pegasing to start growing coffee. This move initiated a spark in his son Hendra who then started to work with his father in 2010 and soon began to start experimenting with washed coffees after researching old literature and seeking help from others in Indonesia who were moving away from the wet hulled processing and really highlighting the characteristics such coffees can have.
  • Altitude: 1300 masl.
  • Variety: MIXED
  • Crop: 2019/2020 
  • Preparation: 48h anaerobic maceration natural | The coffee that is selected comes from the best farmers around Hendra who pick excellent ripe cherry and are based at the highest altitude. For such good selection Hendra pays them a premium.The cherries are put into plastic bags. The cherries are fermented for 48 hours.

    The coffee is then placed on raised beds and dried for 20 – 25 days on raised beds with regular turning in a drying tent where the temperature is monitored.

    Before being placed into bags the coffee is then put through a density table twice to help remove immature beans and then goes through two rounds of hand picking to make sure it is clean and of specialty standard.

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